loving her …

She looked into my eyes and i could see her searching my soul. I have never felt so open and so vulnerable to somebody before. Yet nothing had ever felt so right. This is where i wanted to be and this is who i wanted to spend my life with.

I only hope she will catch me if i fall … but there was only one way i could think that i may fall right now and that was, madly in love, with her. She reached in and touched my heart. She cupped it with her hand and whispered “i was made to complete you, to piece every broken little bit of your heart back together” Those very words made me melt!

Everyone ranted about love and the “one”. I had been in relationships, but nothing felt as powerful as the words i had heard spoken. How could you want to spend the rest of your life with just one person? to be able to trust someone so completely? for two souls to meet and become one? Now i know exactly what it is and i am lost in this madness that you call love.


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