Another thump,

another lump,

his on the booze,

that”ll be another bruise,

another smack,

off the beaten track,

another punch,

another missed lunch,

Letting out a sigh,

when will i die?




loving her …

She looked into my eyes and i could see her searching my soul. I have never felt so open and so vulnerable to somebody before. Yet nothing had ever felt so right. This is where i wanted to be and this is who i wanted to spend my life with.

I only hope she will catch me if i fall … but there was only one way i could think that i may fall right now and that was, madly in love, with her. She reached in and touched my heart. She cupped it with her hand and whispered “i was made to complete you, to piece every broken little bit of your heart back together” Those very words made me melt!

Everyone ranted about love and the “one”. I had been in relationships, but nothing felt as powerful as the words i had heard spoken. How could you want to spend the rest of your life with just one person? to be able to trust someone so completely? for two souls to meet and become one? Now i know exactly what it is and i am lost in this madness that you call love.

Stepping into the darkness

Like a turn of a card my life become hard,

I took action to gain satisfaction,

I little slash here and a little slash there,

I wanted to live but my brain wouldn’t give,

I was on the edge waiting to fall off the ledge,

A new day brought more struggle that left me in more of a muddle.



Growing up

There comes a time in life when you no longer want more drama in your life than a TV soap opera. You no longer care what everyone else thinks, because at the end of the day, it only matters what you think!

I have come to this point in my own life. It’s been a long bloody journey to get here, but i made it. I wear what i want, i listen to my gut feelings, i trust my instincts. I let go of the people that had begun to have a negative impact on my life.

One of the things i find hard is, people remembering me for who i used to be. When i was doing silly things and making all the wrong choices in life. How do you separate yourself from that? how do you make a “new” you if you’re still remembered as the “old” you?

Sometimes making the hardest and most painful decisions, are the best ones in the long run. I have had to make many of those decisions and it has truly been heartbreaking, but also at times eye opening.

Never be afraid to put one foot in front of the other, follow new paths, take risks, and most importantly don’t be afraid to like yourself. Nobody can look after you the way you can.



she is …

She is the whisper in my ear,

She is the beat of my heart,

She is the ying to my yang,

She is the smile on my lips,

She is the gentlest touch of the finger tips,

She is the warm inside of me,

She is the one that i crave,

She is the most beautiful love song,

She is … she is … she is 


A bit about me …

I am a 31 year old, with a love and passion for writing.  I started to write when i was going through hard times and i felt like nobody understood me and how i was feeling. Writing it on paper was the only way i could express myself with meaning. Some of my pieces may be a hard read, but i am hoping that maybe someone will read them that has been in this place themselves. Giving them something to relate to. To make them feel that they are not so alone with their thoughts and feelings.

I am going to share with you, some of my experiences, bits and pieces of my life. 

It would be great to get some feedback.