red release

You reep what you sow,

lets give it another go,

i have to take it nice and slow.

I must do it again,

before i go insane,

its ingrained in my brain.

I can feel a tickle,

as i watch it trickle,

i look out for that magical ripple.

I have set it free,

back to being me,

nobody else need see.


empty and broken

I have become an empty shell. There is nothing left inside of me, but broken pieces that i am struggling to piece back together. My eyes are looking, but i’m not “there”. I’m everywhere but “there”. 

I’m shutting down. Sitting in my own silence, nodding and doing all the right things. I’m on auto pilot whilst my head fucks off and plays with the dark fairies.

My heart is beating, but that too is empty. It’s pumping poison around this body of mine. My heart is being squeezed with thorny vines that i cannot break or escape from. My wriggles are useless, i’m trapped.